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Answer in fully the following questions with a minimum of 550 words per answer. 
1) A common theme addressed by many of the authors in this course is the role of human nature in politics. Two thinkers from different time periods who have distinct views on the role of human nature are Aristotle and Machiavelli. Explain their thoughts on human nature and how it influences the political realm. How should leaders/states manage the natural impulses and desires of man?
2) Compare and contrast the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman conceptions of the state. How do Plato and Cicero define key terms, such as citizenship, virtue, and state? And how do these affect their notions of an ideal form of government?
3) Justice is a difficult term to define and thinkers from various time periods have different conceptions of the term. Choose at least two thinkers we have read this semester and explain in detail how they define what justice is and the role of the state in administering justice. Are these ancient/medieval ideas obsolete or do you think their conceptions of the term are useful in modern times as well?

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