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Writing prompt to write about: you find a collection of missing persons flyers and newspaper clippings. They all contain photos of you. Spanish your entire life

Characters are:
James Arthur Henry-Shepard – died in a car crash with his parents, suffers from depression, wonders why hes being ignored by people, 18 years old
Rebekah Mikelson- 7 years old, she can see things of the unknown
Sarah Salvatore- Jamess mom who died in a car crash, 38 years old, happy, very energetic, general surgeon
Andrew lebonaire- 13 years old, he does when he was 5 from epilepsy, hes friends with James
Derek Henry-Shepard – Jamess dad who also died in the car crash, 45 years old, neurosurgeon, hard working, sympathetic, has a heart for kids

Exposition: James and his parents die in a car crash
Rising action: James finds the missing person paper clippings about him
Climax: James sees his grave and he finds out that he died in a car accident and realizes its why no one saw him and or spoke to him
Falling action: kids help him put all the clues together
Resolution: he stops looking for answers and goes to find peace

Man vs. Society- everyone ignores James
Man vs. Self- James is dead

flash fiction
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