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– find four examples of three-dimensional art. That means that the works must you choose must extendnot repeatThe content of the works should be the body in time and space.

–  Website:

–  Search tips: Limit your search to three-dimensional media. Select Images Online to make sure that you only get works that have been photographed.

-The work must be representational but the style can be naturalistic, stylized, or abstract. The works must use the visual elements of mass, negative shape, and space, and the design principle of rhythm.

– The works you choose must also include at least three signs and symbols to communicate the meaning and how it engages the theme of body in time and space. Be ready to explain all of this as well as how the works use medium and material.

1.  Find the works at using the search function of the National Gallery of Art collection. Note the title and artist.a. 

2.  Save the works to your computer.

3.  Paste the images into the spaces provided below.

4.  Compose your written answers using a university-level, professional writing style. Point to specific places in the work where your information is visible and explain what you see. This is the evidence for your answer

.5.  Proofread for errors and to ensure completion

.6.  Cite the sources you consulted to complete this assignment.

For this assignment, you will use the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
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