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Chapter 4
CHECKS is a heuristic that is being used to facilitate evidence-based assessment (EBA). The
model of CHECKS in Chapter 4 follows the assessment and treatment planning of an adolescent
named Melinda. Please use each letter of the acronym CHECKS and following the model in the
chapter, describe a case you might see of a child or adolescent that has come to you as a result of
trauma. Please do not feel compelled to have sexual abuse or assault as the focus of the trauma.
As you see in the example, Melinda had additional traumas related to loss, which you should
consider including in your model.
Breaking down the CHECKS heuristic by letter, please develop the assessment and treatment
plan for the person (real or imagined) that you choose. I understand you have not assessed the
person as was done in the model; however, please include assessment instruments that you might
use to assess the particular issues that individual has come to you for. Be sure to clearly identify
what letter of the CHECKS heuristic you are writing about, and separate paragraphs. With
respect to treatment issues, please describe what treatment interventions would be appropriate for
your model. In addition, please remember to talk about post-intervention; how would you do it?
How long would you follow-up with the individual?

Chapter 5
Choose a theory about PTSD from Chapter 5 and find at least 2 peer-reviewed sources that
further expand on the theory you chose. Consider the following questions:
Why did you choose this theory?
Why do you feel this theory is the best way to understand PTSD?
How do the additional sources help you better understand the theory?

Forensic Psychology
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