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Term Paper/Project Requirement for History 109

  Topic : Founding a Nation, 1784-1791
        America under the confederation, a new constitution, ratification debate, origin of the Bill of Rights, voices of freedom, who is an American…

Term Paper/Projects:  Learning to work with peers online is an important and exciting part of modern academic life.  Collaboration is also important preparation for working life, as most jobs require people to work in teams. The term paper/project is designed to enhance the research, writing, and communication skills of History 109 students.  Students working collaboratively in groups comprised of 2-3 individuals will select a topic in United States history, conduct research, and submit an essay to the instructor. Scholars may undertake this project without partners.

Research of topic:  Teams must collaboratively conduct research using as sources books, scholarly journals, periodicals, government documents, magazine and newspaper articles, and viable internet sources.  The Learning Resource Center/college library with its vast holdings and helpful librarians must be consulted for assistance in procuring data, information and materials pertinent to the selected topic.  The library personnel at San Diego City College are eager and willing to assist teams in focusing and efficiently conducting research.

Essay:  Teams and individual scholars are required to draft an essay, formatted as a written report, for submission on November 30, 2020.  The essay should be concise, to the point and offer an overview of an interesting and clear account of early American History.  The essay should follow the style and function of the basic multiple paragraph college paper (4-5 pages preferred).  The first paragraph of the essay should offer a thesis statement and promote the subject of the presentation.  The following paragraphs should develop the major points to support the stated thesis.  The last paragraph should provide a brief overview of the content, and conclude with provocative, thoughtful, or memorable statement.  Do state clearly the title of your project and the full and proper names of team members.  Make certain that the sources utilized are credible and accepted within the academy.  Many sources available online have not been accepted by professionals within the discipline.  If unsure about the credibility of a source, consult the instructor or a member of the library staff. 

Teams and individual scholars should also take advantage of the services offered by the Tutorial Assistance/Learning Development Center (telephone # 388-3685) and English Center (Room # C-226; telephone # 388-3633) in preparing papers for submission. Important: Please select and adopt a citation and style guide for the sources and bibliography listed in the submitted essay (Please offer five or more citations including three books in print).  Do consider adopting the Chicago Manuel of Style, MLA, APA, or any of the accepted styles or manuals for authors.  Citation guides are available online and in the reference section of SDCCDs Learning Resource Center or from the instructor.

Founding a Nation, 1783-1791
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