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Research Essay Rubric Criteria
    The thesis statement is well-developed, clear, and concise, as the last sentence of the intro paragraph.
    Relevant facts, examples, and details support the writing
    The ideas chosen show a thorough understanding of the essay topic

    The voice sounds knowledgeable
    The voice is appropriate for the audience

    The title and hook draw the reader into the essay
    Essay is logically organized (including a beginning, middle, and end)
    Each body paragraph has a topic sentence
    Transitions are used between paragraphs and provide coherence

    Words are specific and powerful
    Terms are defined or explained
    Sentence structure is correct and varied
    2-3 Quotations per body paragraph are used and include (parenthetical/in-text) citations – 1-2 from research sources + 1-2 from Frankenstein
    Signaling phrases are used before and after quotations and are woven into the writing fluidly
    Punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are correct
    MLA formatting guidelines are followed: page format, parenthetical/in-text citations, and works cited page

    Minimum page requirement met (four, + works cited page)
    Five or more reliable sources were used and cited. One source must be Frankenstein (4-5 direct quotes from novel minimum). 4 outside sources. Unreliable and user-created sources like Wikipedia,, and free essay and notes sites, etc. were NOT used.

Frankstein Research Paper
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