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For this assignment, you will write an original historical interpretation based on the documents that have been provided to you. This means you are finding a group of documents that suggest why a series of events happened the way they did, and explaining to your audience why you believe these things happened this way. It must be between 1000-1250 words.

You must use at least 5 sources. You CAN do outside research, but you do not have to.

When preparing to write your essay, review the documents and find a group of them, or an incident within them, that paint you a picture of something that happened and why. You have a lot of choices you can make just among the 17 documents you have access to.

For example, consider who the author is of a piece. Consider who had an influence on the piece you are reviewing. Think about the inherent biases of the person or group who wrote the document. Consider when a piece was written; why were there suddenly a bunch of articles about desegregation in the 80s? Why was it culturally significant during the moment it was written?

If you want to use any of the images that have been provided, make sure to describe them in your paper well enough that when I look at them, I know which one you are talking about (they all have the same citation information). You can use more than one, but however many images you use from the Freedom Riders collection count as one source.

Freedom Riders (Causal Essay)
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