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you will utilize Roger Cailloiss theory of Man, Play and Games to examine the motives (both surface level and deeper), personalities, habits, hopes, fears and worldviews of the typical player of one specific game, sport, performance, or any other activity that in some sense constitutes play. (NOTE: specific here means that you cannot write about football players, which is far too vague to cover in a three page essay. Instead, you will need to narrow your focus to Big Ten College Football or Chicago area high school football & etc.)

For this assignment you must devise a thesis statementargument–that coherently incorporates at least two of the aforementioned attributes of your game players: i.e., their motives, personalities, habits, hopes, fears and worldviews. It will be necessary for you to take us beyond the obvious, surface-level associations we already have with your game players, in order to dig deeper by clearing up any misconceptions, explaining subtle distinctions, and interpreting psychological mindset. Any essay that simply delivers a “report” on the game or sport in question, without any hint of an argument, will be given a failing grade.

Another requirement: you must make reference to at least four of Cailloiss concepts, terms or claims during the course of your argumentation. Remember to utilize a variety of quotation, paraphrase and summary, and document your source (Caillois) with correct MLA in-text citation and works cited page.

games based on reading and terms used in reading
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