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Biblical Perspective: Genesis 1:1-2:25
The saying, You cant see the forest for the trees is an incredibly accurate description of one who uses Biblical tools without a big picture view of the Bible. When we view the Bible as disparate books and teachings we not only lose the meaning & purpose of the Bible, but its life transforming power. If we are to use Biblical tools most effectively, we must learn to use them with the forest in mind that is, the overarching story of Scripture.

As we work through our textbook, Gods Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible, we will be building a solid foundation upon which to use our Biblical tools. One way that we build that solid foundation is by working through the assignments at the end of each chapter. These assignments are designed to teach you to begin asking the right questions of the text, to begin looking at each text as it relates to the overall story, to begin seeing the forest for the trees.

In this weeks lesson, you will be working through Gods originally intended purpose for humanity and the world. A purpose that included intimate fellowship with God, excellent relationships, and a world where work was joyful worship. This is where the story of God and his people begins.

As you work through the Biblical Perspectives, youll find that they can be an incredibly moving and intimate time with God, so please prepare yourself for this time by praying that the Lord would not only increase your knowledge of his word but transform your heart in the process.

Exercise 1
Complete the Bible study at the end of Chapter 1 in Gods Big Picture. Submit your answers as a 1-page paper, double-spaced, which uses the Bible Study questions as headers. Submit your assignment by clicking on the Biblical Perspective: Genesis 1:1-2:25 link by the due date posted.

genesis perspective 1:1-2:25
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