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Formulate a thesis that addresses the major characteristics of the style, both technical and artistic.
Summarize the historical period, discuss its major contributions, directors, and films.
Focus your discussion on ONE Director
Cite a minimum of 4  examples from the films listed to support your assertions
Cite 4 research references other than your text.
List references on a separate page
Address the questions:
What were the main contributions of the period?
How did the films of this director influence the development of the cinema as a  artistic influence?

Ex: George Melies developed a series of special effects relying on trick photography that introduced the aspect of Fantasy into filmmaking. This departure from the recording of real events, known as ‘Actualites’, incorporated creativity and placed dominance on the fictional film at the very dawn of cinema history.

German Expressionism
FW Murnau
Nosferatu (Links to an external site.) (1922)
The Last Laugh (Links to an external site.)  (1924)
Sunrise (Links to an external site.) (1927)

Fritz Lang
Metropolis  (Links to an external site.)(1927)
M (Links to an external site.)  (1931)

GW Pabst
The Joyless Street  (Links to an external site.)(1926)
Pandora’s Box  (Links to an external site.)(1928)

German Expressionism
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