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Changes in global climate are causing local changes in peoples health.  Regional temperatures, air quality, extreme weather, insect and animal borne diseases, water contamination, availability of food, and stress are causing changes in our country.  Changes in other countries are forcing people to immigrate here bringing other acute and chronic health issues with them and creating more marginalized groups who will need nursing care.  The combination of changes introduces new health concerns that nurses will need to recognize and care for in the coming years.

Follow the link below and review the topics presented on the effects of climate change on health in the United States.  Select one of the 9 topics presented and write a 3-4 paragraph paper on that topic.  The first paragraph should identify the topic you chose and why you chose it.  Discuss the current state of the topic, recent trends, and projections for the future.  Finally, summarize how these changes will necessitate changes in health care in the future.  For example: while food is readily available today, food deserts already exist that limit access to adequate nutrition to many people.  Climate change may decrease the farmable land available.  Fewer crops could mean it is harder to obtain or more expensive.  Immigration may further stress the food availability resulting in more malnutrition and the many health issues that causes.

To support your discussion, locate 2 or 3 recent (within 5-6 years) professional articles.  Be certain to include a reference list and provide in-text citations when appropriate.  Enjoy!


The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment.

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