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Question 1. (10 marks)
What is a system? Based on this understanding, explain why a systems approach is useful
for managing information technology in organizations?
Question 2. (10 marks)
We have learned via Zoom this semester. How do you evaluate online learning and
teaching via Zoom, YSCEC, Electronic Attendance Systems and others? Some predict
that online education will replace classroom education. Based on your evaluation and
experiences, do you agree? Discuss why or why not. In answering the question, it is
expected that you use concepts, theories and frameworks that we have learned.
Choose and answer ONE from the following two questions.
Question 3. Electronic Attendance System at xxx(20 marks)
Nowadays we rely on the electronic attendance system for attendance checking in the
unprecedented circumstances of online learning due to Corona 19. If we look back on
previous semesters, the electronic attendance system was rarely used. In fact, the system
has existed in XXX classroom computers for more than a decade, and only begins to be heavily used from this semester.
What are reasons for the low usage in the past? How would you explain the increased use
of the system? In answering the question, you may discuss pros and cons of using the
system. And you are advised to apply a framework or a theory for IS success/failure.

Global IT Mangement
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