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undertake a term project on global marketing as presented below. 

Major elements of the term project reports are as follows:
    Choose a company or any other organization that markets a product or
service. Indicate the basic industry in which the organization operates.
    Identify the product or service and two other elements of the companys
marketing mix (See below for a definition of marketing mix)
    Describe a) How this company/organization competes in the industry within a national or regional market outside the United States or outside the original home market of the company/organization and
b) Who are the competitors within the national, regional or global marketplace
    Contrast clearly the marketing strategy used by the company in its home market versus one or more of its markets outside the home market.
A marketing mix, from your introductory marketing course or its equivalent, involves the following mix of marketing elements:
o Product or service offered to customers in different markets
o Promotion strategies used in communicating with customers or target
o Placement/Distribution refers to the process by which the company
makes its products/services available to its customers
o Pricing approaches the company uses to market its product or service

Conclusion of Project: Papers should conclude with recommendations to the companys Senior Marketing Executive of your chosen company.

global marketing
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