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Getting Started
This writing assignment will enhance your policing vocabulary.  You will identify key terms related to law enforcement and law enforcement training.

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

Define terms related to law enforcement.

Textbook: Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices
Media: 2.2 Resource: The Police

Background Information
Every culture and subculture has certain terms used by members.  Sometimes these terms can be used as a code, defining an action with fewer words than would otherwise be needed.  The police subculture is no different, and there are a variety of words used.  As you examine several of them in this workshop, think about their origin and how they may have transformed over time.

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Review Chapter 2 in the textbook, Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices.
Review the media 2.2 Resource: The Police.
Provide definitions for each of the following terms.  Do not copy the definitions for these terms from the textbook; define each of them using your own words.
Academy training
Policing functions
Computer-based training (CBT)
Policing styles
Field training
Hurdle process
“Sixth sense”
Police cynicism
Traits of good officers
Police subculture
Working personality
Organizational structure
Chain of command
Police chief
Policies and procedures
First-line supervisor
Rules and regulations
Middle manager
Mintzberg’s model of CEOs
Evidence-based policing
After each definition, write one or two sentences using each term to help you remember it.

Glossary of Terms 2
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