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You have been contacted by a CEO of a mid-sized 200 user family owned business to research options for cloud computing. They understand that the cloud isnt going anywhere anytime soon and feel its time to make the jump. They manage their firewall and have an on-prem server environment with AD, DC, DNS, and Exchange. They only use local backup for their server. There is no DR beyond that. They have a 50/10 coax pipe for internet. All computers were recently upgraded to Windows 10.

Your task is to research the following: Google Cloud. The CEO would like to know what would work best for them from an efficiency, security, and DR standpoint. The CEO is also interested in something he just learned about, an intranet!

You will provide an architecture checklist–SEE ATTACHMENT BECAUSE I HAVE COMPLETED THIS BUT THIS ATTACHMENT IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND THE TOPICS THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED IN THIS PAPER. You will write a minimum of three pages citing AT LEAST 5 SOURCES, not including the book. Please use APA format.

Dont just sell the CEO on what you think he should do, make him aware of both sides of the coin. If you think on-prem is the way to stay, make it known. If cloud is the way, be convincing. However, try to think of other scenarios or what-ifs that may come up. Keep in mind the users experience, i.e. learning curve. The CEO has no set budget so dont let that be a factor but also remain reasonable.


COMMENTS: I believe that the way to go for this scenario is the cloud.

Google Cloud-Systems Analysis and Design
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