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Government Security Contractors

For this literature review, please pick from the research questions and the references in the paper titled “Government Security Contractors” that I have attached. You may need to use different or additional resources which is fine but the file I attached should be a great resource to go on.

Put your research question and the hypothesis at the top of the first page.

 A possible hypothesis you can use, provided there is enough literature on is:

·         Cases of misconduct will reduce if all matters that concern government security contractors are handled by a single and independent body.



A literature review begins with an introductory paragraph in which the writer frames the research topic and its significance, and the puzzle that the researcher is addressing. To do that, the writer will summarize the major relevant arguments on the research subject, highlighting the main issues and how schools of thought might differ.  If there are key terms to be defined, the writer should do that here. (1 page)


The body of the literature review tells readers what others have found in their studies about your specific research question (the extent of existing knowledge on your specific research question), critiques what is right or wrong with these other studies and discusses how the work is distinguishable from the research study you are proposing. Your review should organize material by theme or method or what makes sense for the project. This literature review should include a critical review of at least 8-10 appropriate articles, to include scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, material from government publications and websites, or another topic-appropriate source.  (5 pages)


The conclusion should summarize the primary “sense of the literature”, encapsulating for the reader where the existing literature ends, and your research will start as you seek to answer the question that remains and add to the body of knowledge.  (1-2) pages


Please be sure you must include a references section and list your references in APA format.





Government Security Contractors
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