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(MAX 2 Pages) Assignment 3 Media Recommendation: In this assignment your client is Greenies pet food treats. Greenies spends a lot of money on advertising and will often experiment with different media types. You are challenged to convince Greenies to advertise in a particular vehicle. Choose a media vehicle to recommend to your client (examples of a vehicle: a television network, a social media network, a magazine or a website).

Research the vehicle. Most media have media kits that outline their audience, costs and the different unit types you can purchase. You can also find information about what other brands have done and often times outside analyses of the vehicle (in industry trade press).

Based on your research, write a recommendation to the client convincing them to advertise on your vehicle in Word.  Your paper should not be longer than two pages.  We will allocate time in class for each of you to present to me in person your recommendation.  This is a good way to practice your presentation skills.  You will be graded on the logical progression, amount of cited research, and how you build your argument in your paper.

Greenies Dog Treats
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