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Instructions: Please physically attend a group meeting. Ideally, it would be a small group (5 – 12 people) but a larger group would also work. Be sure to let us know the size of the group so we can get a sense of your experience.

You need to answer six questions about the group you observe. There isn’t a time requirement about how long you need to watch the group. You do need to watch long enough to be able to clearly answer the six questions. Examples of group meetings may be your work group meeting, church group meeting, support group meeting etc. If you are unsure, please check with me.Be sure to include the link if you watch an online group. Points will be deducted if no link is posted.

Post your answers in the discussion textbox. (You don’t have to attach a Word document – but that is an option if you would like to post it that way in the discussion board.)

Once your answers are posted, respond to two classmates. You can add insight about group communication and/or ask a question related to group communication. Answer questions which are posted to you as best as you can.

Please number each of these in your post so it is easy for us to follow your writing. Remember to answer six questions (copy the questions, paste them in your text box and respond to each).

1. Observe one group meeting – or at least enough of a meeting to answer the questions for us. The group needs to have an identifiable leader. For example: a work group at a school or company run by a manager, a small school board meeting (smaller city / towns have smaller districts) lead by the board president, an open 12-step meeting (such as Alcoholics Anonymous) with a moderator.

Write down the name of the meeting, where it was located, the number of people who attended (approximately). If you can get this specific information from an online group, that is fine too. You may search (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for work groups, small groups, focus group, etc.

If you choose an online group, please don’t forget to provide the link as part of your answer to question #1.

2. Describe what type of group it was. (pages 183 – 189)

3. Describe the group format (page 177) and how the format influenced communication (verbal and/or non-verbal messages).

4. Describe two roles you observed (pages 195 – 196). Be sure to first write whether they were task, maintenance, or individual (negative) roles – and then describe the specific role.

5. Describe the stages of group development which you observed. Use the model below (The Tuckman model) or the model in your textbook (page 180- 181).
6. Identify two or more leadership functions (skills) which you observed (pages 202 – 204). If you didn’t observe more than one function, identify a second one which would have helped the group and explain why you believe it would have benefited the group.


Group Observation
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