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Guilford’s Alternative Uses Task
As weve discussed in the CAT Module 02 that system 1 and 2 have different characteristics and work in different ways. One of the objectives is critically evaluate our thinking to be able to use each system in the right context. To illustrate the process and outcome of each system you will use Guilford’s Alternative Uses Task in this assignment.
In Guilfords Alternative Uses Task participants are asked to list as many as possible uses for a common household item (such as s brick, a paperclip, a newspaper). In this revised version based on an experiment done at Stanford University I would like you to do something else, namely: find as many as possible ways to make money using one of these two items:
A computer.
An internet connection.
The minimum number of ideas you should come up with is 15. When youre done with the above task then please answer the following questions through this assignment as a word document:
1. List the first 5 and the last 5 business ideas on your list.
2. Are there any differences between the first 5 and last 5?
3. How much effort did you require for respectively the first 5 and last 5 ideas?
4. How does this exercise relate to understanding systems 1 and 2 of thinking?

Guilford’s Alternative Uses Task
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