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A 2,000 word essay on….
Many of the hackers and organizations we have studied in this course are critical of intellectual property and copyright. Why? What are some of the ways in which hackers have intervened against intellectual property? Why is this important to both hackers and digital culture?

– Essays are expected to be supported by 6-8 scholarly sources including course readings as well as journal articles and scholarly books which the student will identify in the course of their research.
– Students are free to use secondary and primary sources including newspaper articles, magazines, websites and non-scholarly monographs can also be used, but do not count towards the scholarly bibliographical requirements above.
– All essays are expected to use properly formatted APA style citations and include an APA style reference page.

I have attached a couple of scholarly articles to use…
Coleman, G., & Golub, A. (2008). Hacker practice: Moral genres and the cultural articulation of liberalism. Anthropological Theory, 8(3), 255277.

Bretthauer, D. (2002). Open Source Software: A History. Information Technology and Libraries, 1(21), 310.

Brunton, F. (2013). Spam: A shadow history of the internet. MIT Press.

Wasiak, P. (2012). Illegal Guys A History of Digital Subcultures in Europe during the 1980s. Studies in Contemporary History, 9, 257276.

Lessig, Lawrence (1996). Intellectual Property and Code. Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development: Vol. 11 : Iss. 3 , Article 6.

Hackers and Intellectual Property
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