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You have been hired by a small rural community, or an urban neighborhood. You will be working with this specific communitys Department of Social Services, Local Recreation Department, Community YMCA, or other Private Organization. Your job is to implement Healthy People 2020 Health Objectives by choosing 4 of the topic areas that will allow you to implement and create 4 fitness and wellness programs. These topic areas should be specific to the fitness and wellness needs of your chosen community/neighborhood. Your 4 programs must be able to showcase your chosen HP2020 objectives are being met.
Using the Wellness Continuums six dimensions of wellness (Fahey, Insel, & Roth, 2013), and the Process of Change Model (Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992) develop specific strategies for improving overall fitness and wellness in your specific community through your designed programs. You have a budget that you must
create and adhere to. Budgets must start off small, and include your salary. The only requirement for additional funding is that you be able to show improvements in the populations overall health as a direct result of your programs, strategies, and actions. Use the HP2020 to gather assessment ideas. You will present your proposed plan to your boss. You are seeking program approval and future funding.
The following sources are at your disposal. presentation using Chapter 1 of Fayhe, Insel, & Roth, 2013) Link to Healthy People 2020 topics and objectives.
The following links are to the Transtheroretical Model, or Behavior change Model by Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992
In Search of How People Change

With this option be sure to stay close to the instructions so that you’re not getting stuck just writing about these issues, but actually creating programs to bring awareness and change as well as to discuss the 6 dimensions of wellness and the Process of Change model mentioned within the instructions- this will all be part of the grading, so ultimately what you should work off of. It appears that you have these mixed in, but just wanted to share the reminder.

Healthy People 2020
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