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. Your paper should include the following information, if possible.

1)    Provide a brief history of the disorder. When was it first diagnosed and by whom?

2)    What are the symptoms?  What do the disease-causing agents do to cause those symptoms?  You must address the biology (physiological, cellular, or molecular) of the disorder.  Failure to do so will result in a significant deduct.

3)    What are the current diagnostic methods used to detect the disorder and how is it treated?  What does the treatment do to the disease-causing agent?  Does early detection affect the treatments applied?  Again, address the biology here.  Exactly how the disease-causing agent is affected by the treatment.


4)    What are the success rates of the treatment or the prognosis for recovery?  .

5)    Is there any cutting edge research in progress that may improve the treatment of the disorder in the future?

6)    Bibliography
You must cite 2-3 sources for this paper.  It is okay to use internet sources as long as the URLs are .edu, .gov, or .org.  If you have to use .com websites, make sure they are legitimate..  Make sure the reader can easily trace the location of your sources should they want to investigate them directly.

Her2+ Breast Cancer
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