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The following are the Keys to Successful Project Development
Your project must include: 
• An Introduction—Opening paragraph will include school/community (Park Crossing – Montgomery, AL) demographics and a brief description of your project. 
• Subsequent paragraphs must include the following six items: 
1. Who Stakeholders the project is designed to benefit
2. What Purpose of the project of project
3. When Timeline for development and implementation of the project (Fall 2018-Spring 2019)
4. Where Population and/or location where project was implemented
5. Why Need for the project and any risks identified (costs, change, personnel, etc.)
6. How Implementation process and sequencing of events. 
Section/tab 3 will include a description of the demographics for your school and community. Be certain to write a brief description of your project. (1-2 pages doubled spaced)
(Text Script)
Section/tab 4 will include the comprehensive description of your project which can vary in length depending on the size and scope of the project. Please keep in mind that your efforts on this project should reflect graduate-level quality work. Use the six guidelines that are identified in the Keys to Successful project development. (Who, what, when, where, why and how). Note: Other athletic administrators should be able to use this information as a resource. Your text script should reflect this objective. 
(Assessment & Evaluation)
Section/tab 5 will include an assessment, analysis, and evaluation of the project. This could include timelines of activities involved in the development and implementation of the project, surveys, cost analysis, photos, other supporting information, and possible outcomes. (1-2 pages doubled spaced)
Section/tab 6 will include a summary of the project with your thoughts and observations resulting in a conclusion. You should identify all Leadership Training Courses or other resources that assisted in the development and implementation of the project. (1-2 pages doubled spaced)
Implementation of Trip Direct for Park Crossing High School for Athletic Teams
Project was implemented over 6 months
This ensured safety
Eliminated paper
All sports would use
System AD, all admin could keep up with teams 
Easier to to track buses
Now process is spreading throughout the system 

This was done but I was unable to write it up not I have to submit this final thing and it has be submitted within a week for a major final certification to get 6 years of funding. This is crucial. Sources can be other schools that used and also details on the program.

High School Athletics – Transportation – Athletic Director Proposal
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