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Use a question then answer format, followed by one long summary paragraph on how you thought the interview went, what you learned from it, what surprised about some of the answers, or not, etc. It should come to around 3 pages typed 1.5 spacing.  You write (transcribe/translate) their answers, not them.

1) What is your ethnicity or cultural background, along with your 1st language?  Do you have a subcultural, regional or tribal identity as well?

2) How much of your personality and identity is based in your ethnicity? (may need to define ethnicity for them; basic components of culture>language, religion, history, homeland, traditions)

3) What sort of activities or behavior do you engage in that represents your ethnicity (customs, traditions, religious events, annual events), and what activities have you left behind in your original homeland?

4) How much history of your ethnic group are you knowledgeable of, or aware of?  What piece of history stands out in your mind as important?

5) What are some of the major differences between your culture and American society that stand out in your mind?

6) Is there anything in the way of political or economic activity that is unique in your homeland culture?

7) Is your ethnicity or culture having trouble adapting to the changes of the 21st century? (equality for women, advanced technology, sexual orientation, etc.) if yes, give examples.

Before, or during the interview, you can come up with 1 or 2 extra questions of your own if you want to.  Just make sure they are sensitive, unbiased and not leading (questions that provoke a certain answer) in your questioning.

Hopi of Arizona & New Mexico
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