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This scenario is as follows: Its time for a marketing audit! Bright Road Health Care System wants to see how responsive they are to market needs and preferences, and if their marketing strategies are showing a good return on investment.

You are a marketing consultant who has been brought in as an objective party to perform this audit. Once the information is gathered, you will identify the top 3 strengths and the top 3 weaknesses of the organization. Then, you will make prioritized recommendations to turn the weaknesses into strengths.

This graded activity is designed to familiarize you with concepts typically associated with strategic marketing to include, but necessarily limited to: marketing analytics, qualitative research, and evaluating marketing strategies.

Unit Learning Outcomes
ULO 4: Analyze qualitative and quantitative data in order to better understand consumer preferences and purchasing trends.

ULO 5: Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies through marketing analytics.
To aid you in successfully completing this assignment, you might consider using scholarly and credible sources to lookup topics related to marketing analytics and qualitative research in marketing. Additionally, you may want to consider topics associated with achieving optimal return on investment (ROI); predictive marketing analytics; identifying, analyzing, and interpreting qualitative data via surveys, focus groups, interviews, and projective techniques; and coding, categorizing, and theming consumer opinions to drive and supporting marketing decisions. This is neither intended nor to be construed as an all inclusive listing of topics related to this assignment, but may serve as a good starting point for your review of the existing literature.

Your client wants you to critically evaluate return on investment (ROI) associated with the organizations marketing strategy to meet consumer needs and preferences, and then formulate and prioritize recommendations on how best to turn perceived organizational weaknesses into strengths. More specifically, Bright Road would like you to address the following in your recommendations:

Identify the top 3 strengths of the organization based on how well the marketing strategy is meeting consumer needs and preferences.
Identify the top 3 weaknesses of the organization based on how well the marketing strategy is meeting consumer needs and preferences.
Prioritize recommendations to convert weaknesses into strengths.
While you are being retained as an external marketing consult to provide your expert opinion on how Bright Road can strengthen perceived organizational weaknesses, they would like your prioritized recommendations with supporting rationale in a FORMAL BUSINESS LETTER from your firm to the Chairman of the Bright Road Healthcare System. 

The initial posting should be prepared as a Microsoft Word document, and then attached to the unit discussion thread. There is no minimum or maximum in terms of the word count; however, the response should explicitly address all required components of this discussion assignment. The document should be prepared as a practical business deliverable (single-spaced) and reflect higher-level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). 

Support the initial posting with at least 3 references of credible or peer-reviewed sources. The in-text citations and the list of references should be consistent with the APA writing style (7th ed.). To earn the maximum number of points for the initial posting, the overall quality of the writing should be consistent with that expected of a graduate student and industry professional.

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