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The Documented Research Project and Final exam is a 6+ page of text paper (with added Abstract, Appendix, and Works Cited page) based on the research question introduced in your prospectus. This writing will serve as both the Documented Project and your Final exam for the course. The assignment is due Thursday, November 19th, and it is worth 40% of your semester grade.Your abstract should be no longer than 150 words and will be included with the final version of your paper.  Copies of Quoted and Paraphrased Pages:When you turn in the final copy of your paper (#3), you are required to include copies of the sources (electronic copies) that contain all passages that you quote or paraphrase.  You are required to mark the passages by highlighting them.  Failure to do so will result in a half-letter grade reduction for the assignment.  Failure to provide copies of sources will result in an F for the paper.Late Papers:Any paper turned in after the due date is considered late. Late papers will not be evaluated; therefore, the paper will fail.  No exceptions!  Plan in advance not to be late. Paper Requirements:1. Use proper 8th edition MLA style for paper headings, page numbering, in-text citations,      Works Cited page.2. Double-space entire paper (do not use extra spacing to fulfill page requirement); 12      point font (Times New Roman or its equivalent from another word processor other    than Microsoft Word).3. The final research paper is to be 6+ pages of text (full pages), an additional                Appendix and Works Cited page will also be included. 4. No cover sheet for MLA.5. Unless used in a direct quote, do not use second-person voice or contractions.

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