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The second Annotated Bibliography should include at least six peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals from within your second chosen discipline. Annotations for each source should be at least one paragraph and include:
(1) the authors relevant biographical information
(2) why it was chosen
(3) the sources connection to the topic

My personal instrution is that I have found 4 sources may useful already, but still need your review since all sourdes are required in Business discipline. Be aware of SIX resources requirement. This is a part of research paper project, my research question is “How do casinos consistently game their own systems to always be the winner?”

1. Prentice, Catherine 2015. Casino marketing, problem gamblers or loyal customers? Journal of business research, Vol.68(10), pp.2084-2092

  This paper draws upon the research gap identified in the current gaming literature, investigates the relationships among the commonly practiced customer acquisition and retention strategies in casinos, gambling behaviors, customer loyalty and problem gambling.

2. Kim, Joon Ho 2018. The effect of promotion on gaming revenue: A study of the US casino industry Tourism management, Vol.65, pp.317-326

This study aims to investigate the individual effect from each non-gaming product on gaming revenue in the US casino industry. Moreover, this study examines interaction effects of each pair of promotions utilizing non-gaming products on gaming revenue.

3. Strauss, Jessalynn R. 2013.  From the Last Frontier to the new Cosmopolitan: A history of casino public relations in Las Vegas Public relations review, Vol.39(2), pp.124-130
This research examines the use of public relations by the casino gaming industry in Las Vegas, NV. this paper identifies ways in which public relations activities even when not identified by that particular title played a role in advancing Las Vegas’s casinos into the modern era of corporate ownership and international prominence.

4. Lee, Choong-Ki 201. Residents perception of casino impacts: A comparative study Tourism management, Vol.31(2), pp.189-201

This study explores differences in residents’ perceptions of casino development between South Korea and Colorado. It investigates whether social exchange theory is appropriate to explain residents’ perceptions of the impact of casinos on community support for casino development.

How do casinos consistently game their own systems to always be the winner?
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