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What is the scope of our complex problem?
–    The profile of Australian high school students is much less homogenous than the curriculum would have us believe – x percent are from migrant backgrounds, do not speak English at home, x percent are First Nations people, gender or live in regional/remote areas
– Stats on gender-based discrimination etc. – schools dont really acknowledge these issues

–    Many of these students are failing to comprehend the relevance of Shakespeare to their lives, to connect with his work on a deep level and be able to engage with it both in assessments and beyond the classroom
–    We want to be able to facilitate those connections of seeing Shakespeare within our own lives and also being able to question, grapple with and understand uncertainty through critique of Shakespeare and modern issues 
–> So the question then becomes, how do we bring the 14th century Bard into a modern, technologically adept world in a way that honours the values and substance of his work, while also reflecting it back through the lived experience of students as not just simple readers of texts BUT as complex subjects who relate to the text through the paradigm of the world they inhabit

So How do we address this problem? use evidence of educational pedagogy/best practice to decide how we would teach “measure for measure” (just list some ideas and simply explain these ideas).

How we would teach Shakespeare’s measure for measure
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