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Please read these two articles “Great Leaders Who Make the Mix Work”, and “What 11 CEOs Have Learned About Championing Diversity” and answer the following questions specifically. Thanks!

Please conduct some basic “recruiting research” to substantiate several claims made in the article “What 11 CEOs Have Learned….” regarding Medtronic’s claims around diversity. The company says they have increased diversity in their board of directors and in their management (most senior) ranks.  By 2020 the company aspires to 40% of management and higher-level roles are held by women.  Describe what these 2 groups of senior employees look like today regarding the definition of diversity – how “diverse” are they? 

The 2nd claim was made by Kaiser Permanente – “50% of the management positions are held by racial and cultural minorities and 75% are held by women.  29% of the Health Plan Organization’s C-Suite were women”.  Is this true today and describe what you saw in this group of senior employees? What research tools did you use to confirm this information?

In the article, “Great Leaders Who Make the Mix….”  the statement, “…even leaders passionate about building inclusive cultures can inadvertently allow unconscious biases to shape their behavior” likely conjures up memories for all of us from current or past work experience.  Please describe where you have either be a participant of, or were witness to, this kind of unconscious bias and how you believe the issue could be remedied for future incidents.  Please be specific in your examples.

HR Recruiting assignment
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