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Option #2: Time to Train: The Impact of Employment and Labor Laws for Human Resource Professionals
Considering all the information discussed throughout this course, prepare a training presentation for new HR professionals about employment and labor laws that will impact an organization (nationally and internationally).

Your presentation should address the following four major topics:

One federal and one state (from the state you live in) employment or labor law of your choice. Cover the following:
Impact on policies, practices, and procedures.
Importance of understanding and applying these laws (other than the fact that not doing so would violate the law).
How these laws are similar to or different from the international laws from a country of your choice.
Working with labor unions
Two key points to remember when working with U.S. labor unions.
Two key points to remember when working with international labor unions.
Labor-management disputes
Grievances, mediation, and arbitration.
Key tools to resolve labor disputes.
Ethical and legal issues for HR professionals
Potential impact of stakeholder viewpoints on organizational policies and procedures.
Key ethical issues HR professionals deal with today.
Additional Requirements

A minimum of 15 slides, not including title page, table of contents, reference page or appendices.
Speaker notes of 50-100 words for each slide.
For organizational purposes, you must have headers on your slides that clearly identify the major topics described above.
At least five scholarly references. For this assignment, a credible source is defined as:
A scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article.
A government-based website or publication.
A trade or industry journal article, publication, or website, including those from trade organizations such as and

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