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A review is a common genre across many contexts. We use them in everyday life for things like deciding what car to buy or what movie to see. Reviews are also evident in academic, civic, and profession-specific contexts. To cite a few examples, in academic disciplines literature reviews locate the authors research in relation to previous studies. Academics also write and read reviews of new publications relevant to their field of study. Business owners rely on reviews when making decisions about purchasing new equipment or technology, such as hardware or software. Members of communities use reviews to evaluate events and programs. There are many more possible uses and examples. Assignment Instructions
1.Write a 1,150 to 1,500 word review relevant to your chosen field. Draw on readings in the textbook and your investigations this semester to choose an appropriate artifact to review.2.Establishing appropriate criteria for evaluation is key to successful reviews. Your choice of criteria should emerge from an understanding of your specific audience and purpose. For example, if cost is an important factor to a managers decision-making in a business context, then it should be one of your criteria. In some genres and contexts, criteria are explicit while in other, they may be implicit. Your review should demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of how arguments are presented in your chosen field.3.Your review must be written for the same field that you chose for your genre analysis.4.Sources should be cited and the document should be formatted as appropriate to for your specific audience.

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