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Please write about a historical instance of iconoclasm.  This can be your topic for your final research project for the semester. (And, this is a way to combine work, write a little abstract of your topic while your research is underway). I have attached the topic for my post, which is the same topic I’m using for my paper. If you do well on this, I will need your help on the final paper. Below are the guidelines:
Blog entry guidelines
All entries should be 2-3 paragraphs, written in clean prose, and edited for grammar and elegance in writing.
All entries should include at least one image or link as indicated in the prompt. Images need captions.
Entries should have a good title this is journalism, after all, make it snappy!
If you do not have access to a camera phone or digital camera, please reach out, and I will amend the assignment for you.
While this should be well-written in full sentences, a blog entry is a space for your voice, and using first person is encouraged. That said, I’m not young, scrappy, and hungry enough to actually inject my shot until I’m reasonably sure that my shot won’t harm me because politics rushed it. These entries should sound like you! (A 26 year old art history major, business marketing minor from NYC, very opinionated and you will see that in my attached topic.)
Entries may require some research. If you find a piece of public art in your local park that has been graffitied, you should try to find out about the history of the piece and if there is a news story about its being vandalized.  All research should be cited properly.
An interesting blog post makes connections! …connections to class discussion, to readings, to artists or works of art.  What made you choose this topic in the first place? It was probably a connection to something from the class.

Entries count 5 points each. The following will be considered for each entry.
-Did you meet the basic parameters? Answered the prompt fully, included an image and/or a link to an article, gave it a title.
-The piece is clearly written, lively, and thoughtful.
-The piece is error-free and has citations if needed.

Make it great, not good, and I will have another assignment for you.

Iconoclasm Blog Assignment
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