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The Covid 19 virus was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11th. In Canada, universities, schools, sports and recreation activities, restaurants, bars, religious gatherings, etc. have all been closed or severely curtailed. The Prime Minister has asked citizens to remain home and to maintain physical distance from those not in your household. Many people find themselves working (and writing exams!) from home. The response has had major economic impacts with historic levels of layoffs, stock market declines and projected GDP declines. In short, the pandemic has created a social and economic crisis.
In times of crisis, societies respond in many ways. In the Argentina example from class, we saw how a strong social economy responded to the economic crisis there. In this current crisis, what are the best CED(community economic development) responses you are seeing? Explore the media and social media to identify a CED approach to responding to some aspect of the COVID 19 crisis. Explain what the response is, who is behind it, and how it exemplifies a CED approach. Make sure to cite sources in a footnote.

Some    good    sources    to    follow    on    this    may    include    (but    be    limited    to):
Name Twitter    Handle
Tamarack Institute @Tamarack_Inst
Kate    Raworth @KateRaworth
Rob    Hopkins @robintransition

Identify a CED(community ecnomic development) approach to responding to some aspect of theCOVID19crisis
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