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I would like a 1,500 word research paper, studying the impacts of minimum wage increase, and what are the effects and changes this increase. Addtionally, may be helpful to find if location, job field, population in the work force effects these changes. The essay is for a research course, so below attached is an example of how the essay should be structured. 
Lastly, I attached the annotated bibliography that was built with appropriate sources.

You may find it helpful to outline your paper before you begin to write it. An outline helps you see the logical connections (or lack thereof) among the parts of the paper. Following is a suggested outline with a simple example:

Introduction (setting up the discussion)
The problem is … [people are carrying onto airplanes more and more luggage, resulting in delays in boarding and continued problems for flight attendants and gate agents]
It’s important because … [the airline industry is vital to the economy; no one likes delays; customers must not abandon airline travel for other options]
Solving it would result in … [improved customer experience, resulting in better economic stability for the airlines]
Literature Review (what has already been ‘said’ in this ‘conversation’)
Previous research in this area has shown …
Ideas that keep coming up in articles and other sources are … [the desire to carry on is driven by several factors: security of personal valuables, convenience, baggage charges, fear of lost luggage and wait time at arrival airport]
Pros and cons [how these sources support and/or contradict each other]
Solutions explored so far include … [size and number limits, baggage fees, improved tracking of luggage]
Summary of lit review findings (where we are now with this problem)
Researchers seem to keep trying to … [find solutions focused on limits to plane’s carry-on capacity and reducing fear of lost luggage]
Research Question (what new question/solution will be investigated)
What would happen if … [customer time were the focus of improvement, specifically, if promptness of delivery to carousel at arrival were improved? How important is it to customers that their baggage arrive quickly at the pickup point?]
Theoretical Framework (how the question arises logically from the literature review)
The dependent variable(s) is/are … [delays in boarding, problems for flight attendants and gate agents, others….]
The independent variable(s) is/are … [amount of carry-on baggage]
Hypotheses (what testable speculations arise from the identified independent variables)
Customers who are confident that their bags will arrive at the carousel for pickup within 10 minutes of exiting the plane will be more likely to check baggage rather than carry it
Customers who value quick pickup of luggage upon arrival will be more likely to check baggage rather than carry it.

If the increase of minimum wage makes a positive impact or negative impact, and what are other resultants of the increase.
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