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This assignment asks you to research and write a 4000-word paper on a sentencing-related topic. The word count includes footnotes. This should be a concise but rich research paper.Take care in crafting your topic so that it is not too broad.Be specific.A (good) short paper does not just mean a shorter discussion of an issue, it means selecting a more focused topic so that you can still engage wit it seriously and demonstrate some depth.Relatedly, while describing issues, research, and others perspectives are important to every paper, you should be going beyond description to include your own analysis and critical appraisal.

Please DEFINITELY refer to the attached sources throughout the paper the more the possible and cite them below with footnotes. But for sure have them as the main source of extracting information about the topic.

A range: First Class
A first class answer has a thoughtful structure, a clear message, which depending on the question, may display personal reflection informed by wider reading of articles and/or other commentaries and a good grasp of detail (as evidenced by the choice of relevant examples which are well integrated into the answers structure).
First class answers are ones that are exceptionally good for an undergraduate and which excel in at least one and probably several of the following criteria:
comprehensiveness and accuracy;
clarity of argument and expression;
integration of a range of materials;
evidence of wider reading;
insight in to the theoretical issues.
Excellence in one or more of these areas should be in addition to the qualities expected of an upper second class answer. Although there is no expectation of originality of exposition or treatment, a first class answer is generally expected to spot points rarely seen. A high first is expected to display originality and excel in most if not all the aforementioned criteria.

B range: Upper Second Class
An upper second class answer generally shows a sound understanding of both the basic principles and relevant details of the law, supported by examples which are demonstrably well understood and which are presented in a coherent and logical fashion. The answer should be well presented, display some analytical ability and contain no major errors or omissions. Not necessarily excellent in any area.
Upper second class answers cover a wider band of student. Such answers are clearly highly competent and typically possess the following qualities.
generally accurate and well-informed;
reasonably comprehensive;
well-organised and structured;
provide evidence of general reading;
demonstrating a sound grasp of basic principles;
demonstrating a good understanding of the relevant details;
succinctly and cogently presented;
displaying some evidence of insight.
One essential aspect of an upper second class answer is that it must have competently dealt with the question asked. In problem questions i) all the major issues and most of the minor issues must have been spotted, ii) the application of the legal rules must be accurate and comprehensive, iii) the application of the legal rules may be insightful (i.e., the student has demonstrated that s/he can both distinguish cases on their facts and argue by analogy); iv) there should be a conclusion that summarises the legal position of the relevant parties.

In individual cases, tailoring a sentence based on not only the offence itself, but the race and origins of the defendant, seem to be a requirement of individualized justice. Yet, this might result in two people who have committed the same offence being r
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