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 Please read the attached documents to answer questions.


This is your first IR so please make sure that you follow, as well as meet the guidelines and expectations for all the IRs.


You will need to:


– Write a two-page, double-spaced report answering the question(s) posted (or 1 page single-spaced) for it.


– Use Times New Roman font, size 12 max, one inch margins and I am very strict on meeting the minimum required content length. Content begins from the first word of your first paragraph. 


– Complete these reports after you have read your required readings (both textbook and posted lecture(s)).


– It is REQUIRED that you include actual class material and from two (2) internal sources, one being your posted lectures and then your choice of second internal source (textbook, short, videos, external readings, documentaries, etc).


– Any use of external sources is not required, but if using any please reference them appropriately.  


Please be advised, once again, that I am VERY strict with the minimum content length requirement and the inclusion and proper referencing of actual class material. Please do not forfeit any points for these avoidable issues (and they do carry very heavy penalties). Please remember that only MS Word files are accepted.


Any and all class material needs to be properly referenced (in-text citations) at all times, whether directly quoted or paraphrased.   

Individual Report 1:

Free trade is the result of development, not the cause. Saying that free trade causes development because wealthy nations have free trade is like saying we will all become rich if we buy a mansion, because the rich have mansions.

As some may consider a current trend, three separate research organizations have found that the average customer would pay up to 28% more for an item if they could be sure it was not made in a sweatshop. Because wages are so low, they have no real effect on prices. If any corporation wanted to lower prices, running a few less commercials or paying its executives less would cut more costs than moving to sweatshops (and even sometimes outsourcing jobs from one country to another).

Please answer and discuss the following question:

From a sociological standpoint, are sweatshops and workers’ exploitation a part of development? Why or why not?

Individual Report One
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