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Suppose you have conducted an employee survey to find out how best to communicate with them.  You have two primary groups with which you are concerned: members of the Baby Boomer Generation and members of the Millennial Generation.  In the survey you ask respondents how they would prefer to receive work-related information.  You ask them to choose from among three modes of communication.  The communication modes are Print (newsletters, etc); Social Media; and Face-to-Face Communication.  The survey includes interviews from 50 Baby Boomers and 50 Millennials. 

Among the Baby Boomers 10 said they prefer Print; 15 said they prefer Social Media; 25 said they prefer Face-to-Face Communication.

Among the Millennials 5 preferred Print; 35 preferred Social Media; 10 preferred Face-to-Face Communication. 

Conduct a Chi-Square Analysis to determine if there is a difference between the two generations in terms of how they prefer to receive work-related information.  Specifically, answer to following five questions:

1. How many degrees of freedom does your Chi-Square table have?

2. What are the three expected values for Baby Boomers, and what are the three expected values for the Millennials?

3. What is the total Chi-Square value for your analysis?

4. Is your Chi-Square analysis statistically significant, and what is the critical value?

5. What recommendation(s) would you make about how to best communicate with the two generations?  Refer to your Chi-Square analysis in this answer. 

The critical values in item No. 4 above refer to the thresholds we covered in class.  If you recall, we said different tables have different degrees of freedom, and each of the degrees of freedom has a threshold (or “critical value”) that must be met or exceeded in order to conclude that there is a relationship between the variables you are studying.  Below is a short table of degrees of freedom and the threshold for each:

Degrees of Freedom                Threshold
1                                                  3.84

2                                                  5.99

3                                                  7.81

4                                                  9.48

5                                                11.07

Inferential Statistics Online Exercise No. 1
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