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Each team will develop an advertising campaign for a brand of your choice. However, that brand must be included in the Simmon OneView database. Students will be trained to use this data early on in the semester. In selecting a subject, you can choose a product already being marketed by a public for-profit or non-profit organization. Publicly owned organizations must publish their operating results including spending on current and past advertising. Privately owned organizations do not and it is difficult for outsiders to get enough marketing information about them on which to base an ad campaign. You are going to need lots of data about the history, competitive environment, products, objectives, customers, etc., so that you can be sure your work is original and that you can persuade management to give you the resources needed to do it. Your media plan and budget may involve video commercial, radio, print, outdoor, and digital ads and should be developed for a twelve-month period. This will give you hands-on experience in developing advertising and implementing it while experiencing the challenges of working within budget limitations to get the maximum return from advertising spending.

In writing about the campaign, cite many references that provide support for your advertising strategy. In order to get the best grades you should have at least 20 references in addition to the text. You are asking clients to spend a lot of money based on your recommendations so you have to give them sound reasons why they will work. Research is key to a good campaign.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (1 to 2 page summary of project)

This is a synopsis of the proposal and is written LAST. It must contain the objectives, strategy, cost, completion dates and performance standards by which the success of the campaign will be measured.

A. Marketing Objectives (Be Specific and must fit with organization strategy)

B. Advertising Objectives (Be Specific and must fit with marketing strategy)

* Reach/Frequency


This should describe how you are going to measure how well the campaign met the advertising objectives and the marketing objectives.

Integrated Marketing Communications
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