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This is the proposal that was written for this paper a few months ago.  Now what we need to do is conduct the research and write the paper.  You also listen some possible sources for this paper that you could use.  Please add to these sources as well.  Make a bibliography for this paper at the end of the paper and also make sure to use footnotes within the paper as well.

The topic that will be focused on and fully researched for the seminar paper this semester will be the intelligence operations of the Gulf War which began in the year 1990 upon the invasion of Kuwait by the country of Iraq.  The paper will also discuss the role of the CIA within the time period of this war and how the organization was involved.  It will also discuss various ethical issues that were involved within this war that has to do with intelligence as well as the support that was provided by the intelligence obtained and how several threats were uncovered during this time of war. How intelligence also assisted in monitoring political developments and military deployments during the period preceding the war will also be examined as well as how intelligence was used strategically to guide US policy an actions during the times of the war.  Finally, the paper will also examine whether or not the intelligence that played a role within the war provided factual and accurate information.


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Intelligence Operation of the Gulf War
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