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This essay should consist of (in that order):
1. An executive summary that will state the purpose of the paper as well as highlight the major points of the report, and describe any results, conclusions, or recommendations from the report.
2. A table of contents
3. The main body where you will be answering 10 questions that will be provided *. The aim is to answer in a way as to show that you have a deep understanding of the topic and in addition the answers should be supported with examples and sources. Each answer should have its own introduction and conclusion. The word count for each answer should not exceed 200 words.
4. A list of all the references used.
5. Appendices

Extra information:
– Use Times New Roman 12
– Spacing 1.5
– Pages should be numbered

*  Questions:

1) Using an existing industry example in tourism or hospitality, apply and discuss one dimension from Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension.

2) Why, as managers, should we understand the work-life balances in different cultures?

3) Should reward systems within one tourism/hospitality company be the same across the globe or tailored to each country? Discuss your reasonings.

4) Explain why family factors are so important when considering relocating to a different country for work?

5) Select a hospitality/tourism company. Explain how the company advertises its products/services to two different countries.

6) Why, as managers, is it important to understand the concept of low context and high context societies?

7) Using an example, explain how non-verbal communication may pose as a barrier to communication.

8) Why are ethics an important factor in cross-cultural negotiations?

9) Discuss how you would respond to someone telling an obvious lie (commonly seen as a lie in your culture), however you know that the intention is not to hurt your feelings, and explain why you would respond this way.

10) Describe how you would implement all the understanding and knowledge gained this semester in this module when going to work in a diverse cultural workplace.

Intercultural Management in Hospitality
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