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Introduction: Ethics in business is critical, however, there are many gray areas of what is, and is not, ethical in bushinesses operating internationally.  Many multinationals have been charged with unethical behaviors.

Choose an International or multinational company (example: NIKE, Nestles, Wal-Mart, BP, Siemens, etc.) that was accused of unethical practices related to their international operations. Write about what led up to the accusation, impact to the organization, corrective actions taken (if any). Using textbook material and other sources for your research, develop conclusions and recommendations that include your thoughts on what the company could have done to avoid the issues, and what it could have done to better handle the situation after the accusations surfaced.



Please structure your submission as follows:

-Review of the literature
-Conclusion and Recommendations
Submission should be 5 – 6 pages long of content (not including cover page, references). APA style. Use at least 4 academic sources from 2005 to present. Incorporate findings from other sources like well as in the online library within academic literature.

International business
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