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The paper will be a minimum of 5 pages in length.

Reference page, title page, and abstract page are not included in the page length.

A minimum of 4 scholarly sources must be cited using APA citation style

(one being your textbook and the other being your video; see below).
The other two sources must be academic publications from a scholar in this field.
Topic of analysis:  Chapter 9

Analyze one of your most important relationships. Begin by identifying the individual and briefly describing the relationship. The relationship does not have to be romantic in nature. Then use the principles described in Chapter 9 to analyze this relationship.

Consider the variables of why we form relationships (attraction, similarity, complementarity, proximity, etc.). How did these variables function at the start of your relationship? How do the variables function now that you have a more established relationship?
Discuss your relationship in terms of Knapps 10 Stages of Coming Together/Apart. How did you move from one stage to another? Where are you now? What tells you this?
How do the various dialectical tensions function in this relationship? Give at least two specific examples, and describe how you managed the tension.
How do you maintain this relationship? What could you do to improve this maintenance?
How have you repaired the relationships after transgressions? What has been particularly effective?


Choose one of the following videos from: (Links to an external site.)

Writing the paper:
Make sure you have an introduction, body (3-4 main points) and a conclusion.
DO NOT restrict this paper to 5 paragraphs.  Each main point may take a couple of paragraphs.
Cite your sources (information about the concepts/theory) within the body of the paper using APA citation style.
List only the sources cited in the paper in the References using APA citation style.
Make sure you have a clear thesis somewhere in the introduction.
The conclusion should pull together your main points and make explicit that the thesis is supported.
Don’t be afraid to use a tutor for help (online via Norco College or via Canvas and NetTutor).
5 pages, not including the title page, abstract, and References. That’s 5 pages of your ideas/writing.

interpersonal communication (relationships)
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