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The central questions for the interview project are as follows:
1.    How do people experience race and racism in their everyday lives?
2.    How do people learn about race and racism?
3.    How do experiences in everyday contexts shape racial identity?

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Capsule Component    Due Date    Possible Points
    Interview Reflection Paper    May 15, 2022    40 points
Total points        50 points

The Interview Reflection Paper includes the following components:

Pt I: Introduction 5 points
In this section, you will provide a brief overview of your interview experience.
    Who did you interview? Briefly discuss some of the topics you discussed during your interview.

Pt II: Answering a guiding question 20 points
In this section, you will respond to one of the guiding questions by using data points/excerpts from the interview.
    What is the guiding question you chose to focus on in this section?
    What did your interviewee say about this topic?
o    Present two (2) data points from the interview that illustrate the interviewees perspective on this topic.
o    Explain how each data point provides insight on your topic.
    See note below about presenting qualitative data in writing

Pt III: Reflections: 10 points
In this section, you will reflect on two items
    Briefly summarize what you learned about race and racism in this persons life.
    If you had the opportunity to do this interview again, what would you do differently? Why would you make this change? How would this change affect the interview? Are there any questions youd ask differently?

Writing Requirements 5 points
    Interesting title for the Interview Capsule
    Free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
    Word count: 750 1,000 words
    Double-spaced, 12-point font

interview paper for Sociology Race and Ethnicity
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