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Carlgit reply: For this task, you need to choose an essay question from the list provided below and
complete a 1,500-word essay that puts forward an original argument around, and substantial
analysis of, the selected topic.(Do not go over the 1800 words) this doesn’t include the bibliography. 20 References minimum required

Drugs, Crime and Social Exclusion in The British Journal of Criminology
Article  by Toby Seddon  2006  Essential
Drugs and crime
Book  by Philip Bean  2014  Recommended

Assessing the impact of a high-intensity partnership between the police and drug treatment service in addressing the offending of problematic drug users in Policing and Society
Article  by David Best; Deborah Walker; Elizabeth Aston; Charlotte Pegram; Geraldine O’Donnell  2010  Recommended
In search of respect: selling crack in El Barrio
Book  by Philippe I. Bourgois  2003  Recommended
The Changing Shape of Street-Level Heroin and Crack Supply in England: Commuting, Holidaying and Cuckooing Drug Dealers Across County Lines in The British Journal of Criminology
Article  by Ross Coomber; Leah Moyle  2018  Recommended

The normalisation of drug supply: The social supply of drugs as the other side of the history of normalisation in Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy
Article  by Ross Coomber; Leah Moyle; Nigel South  2016  Recommended
Key concepts in drugs and society
Book  by Ross Coomber; Karen McElrath; Fiona Measham; Karenza Moore  2013  Recommended
See chapter 20 (Drug related violence), chapter 21 (drugs and crime), chapter 33 (drug dealers), chapter 24 (drug markets: difference and diversity) and chapter 35 (drug trafficking)
Chasing the scream: the search for the truth about addiction
Book  by Johann Hari  2019  Recommended
See part 3 ‘Angels’
Drugs crime and criminal justice in Drugs: policy and politics
Chapter  by Rhidian Hughes; Nerys Anthony  Recommended

County lines violence, exploitation & drug supply 2017 – national briefing report
Document  by National Crime Agency  2017  Recommended
Assessing UK drug policy from a crime control perspective in Criminology & Criminal Justice
Article  by Peter Reuter; Alex Stevens  2008  Recommended
Drugs, alcohol, and crime in The Oxford handbook of criminology
Chapter  by Nigel South; Fiona Measham  RecommendedThats their brand, their business: how police officers are interpreting County Lines in Policing and Society
Article  by Jack Spicer  2019  Recommended
When two dark figures collide: Evidence and discourse on drug-related crime in Critical Social Policy
Article  by Alex Stevens  2007  Recommended

Drugs, crime and public health: the political economy of drug policy
Book  by Alex Stevens  2011  Recommended
See chapter 3 (Beyond the tripartite framework: the subterranean structuration of the drug-crime link) and chapter 4 (Telling policy stories: governmental use of evidence and policy on drugs and crime)

The Victimization of Dependent Drug Users in European Journal of Criminology
Article  by Alex Stevens; Daniele Berto; Ulrich Frick; Viktoria Kerschl; Tim McSweeney; Susanne Schaaf; Morena Tartari; Paul Turnbull; Barbara Trinkl; Ambros Uchtenhagen; Gabriele Waidner; Wolfgang Werdenich  2007  Recommended

From Social Supply to Real Dealing in Journal of Drug Issues
Article  by Matthew Taylor; Gary R. Potter  2013  Recommended
Narconomics: how to run a drug cartel
Book  by Tom Wainwright  2017  Recommended

Is there a causal link between drugs and crime? Support your answer with relevant facts and examples.
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