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This lab will enable you to explore the concept of visual imagery. Please review Link Word experiment in the CogLab Manual.
After analyzing your individual data, write up your lab report following the template provided. In the discussion section address the following question: How does forming an interactive image between a concept that you are unfamiliar with a familiar concept help you with the recall of the unfamiliar item?

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Laboratory Report Template

I will break it into pages ..this is just to help with answering some questions..
Title Page

Your Name

Attention: all text should be indented except for the abstract and headings. Check the APA formatting guide for correct formatting of lab reports (Times New Roman, 12 points, double-spaced, 1 margins on all sides, use hanging indents for references)


Starts on Page 2 Limited to a 100 words that describe the experiment and the results of the experiment.


Starts on Page 3 Introduces the topic under investigation. For the purposes of these laboratory reports, you need only summarize the concepts under investigation in the CogLab (e.g. attention, memory, decision making) in 1-2 pages. Make sure you support your assumptions with references.


You can omit the participant section and begin with Procedures, describing the experimental procedure and variables (independent and dependent) and then Materials (the online materials used). The Procedure and Materials section headings are flush left.


In 1-2 paragraphs, describe the results of your experimentif you choose you can, in addition to the description include a table of your data. In addition to your own results, include and analyze group and global data. Dont include any explanations of the results in this section.


In this section you will explain your results based on the readings and answer the questions presented by the instructor for each assignment in 1-2 pages. Make sure you support your explanations with references.


List your textbook in APA format and any other resources used.

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