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The general topic is leadership in the context of current events. Select two to three leaders and determine your specific argument to arrive at a compatible thesis statement. – HIGHLIGHT THESIS STATEMENT IN RED

Consider notable leaders or regular people in leadership positions, who are or have been alive during your lifetime and have been newsworthy within the past 6 months ONLY. Select two or three who have leadership traits -or- results -or- scandals in common or in contrast.

The events your essay discusses must have taken place within the past 6 months.

TRUMP IS OFF LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!.

For an informed argument you will need leaders who have had articles published about them in the past 6 months that focus on events occurring within the past 6 months. Select leaders you can analyze with a unique view to add to the conversation.

Anyone who has been portrayed in a leadership position, even briefly, is an appropriate subject for this essay.

Arguing that a person is a leader can be central to a student’s thesis.

Your additional leader(s) can be someone working with or against your first leader.


This is a research-based essay, and your own analysis of the research is primary. You will aim to advance an original argument. Your sources’ viewpoints will come into play to support your assertions.

You are maintaining an objective viewpoint in your argument.

Examples from recent college-level sources are REQUIRED to support your claims.
ADD AT LEAST THREE PEER REVIEW REFERENCES. THE THREE ARTICLES BELOW AND TWO OF YOUR OWN REFERENCES. MLA ONLY. INCLUDE Examples from the required readings:  Tao Te Ching  by  Lao-tzu, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by Charles Johnston and The Art of War by Sun Tzu are also required. Use examples from these texts to support your thesis. IS A MUST USE AND AND

If needed, please provide current context for the leaders you have selected.

Background information is neither necessary nor desired. Please don’t include any background nor any information that is not current within 6 months.

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