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When economic, political, and cultural factors are conducive to the performance needed by the company, we call this strategy

Web-based information systems can improve the function by better tracking component parts, optimizing production schedules, and by providing good information about the company’s supply chain.

ISO 9000 is the principal tool that most managers now use to increase the reliability of the product offering.

What term is given to the activities that encompass the movement of physical materials through the supply chain?

The portion of the supply chain from raw materials to the production facility is the supply chain.

Since no buffer stock is stored, one disadvantage of a inventory system is that a company might experience a shortage if there is a disruption among its suppliers.

Increasing inventory turnover can lead to what two results?

A global company should devote of its efforts to the customer category in the downstream portion of the supply chain.

Most companies now rely on to coordinate the flow of materials in all phases of manufacturing.

A company that engages in global purchasing activities that are integrated across worldwide locations and functional groups is at which level of global purchasing?

Flexible machine technologies allow companies to customize products based on the needs of small consumer groups.

A benefit of flexible machine cells is

If foreign direct investment is prohibited in a country, that country would be considered desirable as a location for manufacturing activities for a foreign company.

The management philosophy that takes as its central focus the need to improve the quality of a company’s products and services is .

Which situation favors a “buy” decision?

In the upstream portion of the global supply chain, the multinational company should allocate of its efforts to the vendor category.

Which manufacturing technology consists a grouping of various types of machinery, a common materials handler, and a centralized cell controller?

A company that engages in international purchasing, but does so in reactive and uncoordinated way, is at which level of global purchasing?

Review Table 15.2 A company that decides to stop outsourcing products or services and instead starts to produce them internally is

What two benefits can a company derive from flexible manufacturing technologies?

What two characteristics are associated with using an EDI system?

What are three ways that government policies can impact country attractiveness for manufacturing activities?

Three of the mass production problems that Ohno identified at Toyota were

Cost and marketing functions are the only factors playing into the make-or-buy decision.

In the context of production and supply chain management, quality means reliability.

Which of these products would have a low value-to-weight ratio?

The decision by many computer makers to use Intel microchips in their computers is an example of where the importance of brand favors a(n) decision.

What are three characteristics of the total quality management philosophy?

A business uses the function to obtain raw materials it needs to manufacture goods.

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