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You need to answer both questions.

A) A corporation must have considerable influence for it to function with a negative cash cycle.  What are the implications of having a negative cash cycle? Does this mean that a firm that does business with a very influential firm like this must be large or have enough excess cash to carry the other firms cash cycle?

B) The topic for this discussion is open discussion. This means that you may choose a topic (or topics) to discuss. You have been conducting searches all semester for the discussion forums. You have likely come across stories or news that is very interesting, but was not necessarily on topic for that weeks discussion. Introduce some of these interesting topics in this weeks discussion in order to open them up for dialogue. Anything that is related to previous discussion topics that was not included in that previous discussion is also welcome.

intermediate finance topics covered so far:

1. Bond and Stock Valuation and Financial Options
2. Net Present Value and Other Investment Rules
3. Capital Investment Decisions
4. Risk Analysis, Real Options, and Capital Budgeting
5. Risk, Cost of Capital, and Valuation

lesson 10-11 Homework
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