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its a literary analysis , read story and written 400-500 response essay
The purpose of a response essay is to convey your thoughts and feelings about a particular literary work. It is not a book report (summarizing the story) or a book review (evaluating the quality of the story). A response paper expresses what you experienced in reading and thinking about the assigned text. Your reaction should reflect your background, values, and attitudes in response to the work, not what the instructor thinks about it.

Although this is a personal essay, you cannot say everything you thought and felt about your reading in a short paper.

FOCUS on an important aspect, such as a main character, setting (time and place), or theme (meaning of the work)
DISCUSS your reaction to it. Identify your main ideas and present your point of view in a clear and organized way
DEMONSTRATE to the reader that your response is based on the text by referring to the story, providing specific textual details and quotations
Some tips to get started:

Make quick notes as you read and re-read the story
Consider which aspect of the story affected you the most
Be candid in your writing and try to understand and explain why you reacted the way you did

Literally analysis essay
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