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Literature Review Draft (10 points)
This assignment calls for you to submit a draft of your literature review. There will certainly be ongoing revisions, but you must meet the criteria outlined below for the first draft. Your text offers discussions of how to create and construct a literature review. I am personally a visual learner, so I prefer multiple aids when learning something new. Therefore, I’ve included multiple online resources that may help you to create your literature review.

University of California Santa Cruz, Library: (Links to an external site.) . Description: offers a clear and basic explanation of what a literature review is, and how it should be structured
University of North Carolina, Writing Center: (Links to an external site.) . Description: offers many tips and details about the writing process.
Abstract. Your initial abstract will be incomplete at this stage, but do your best to construct the basic format for this assignment. Expect to revise your abstract at the very end of the course once your project is complete. See: APA 7th – Abstract Keyword Page Guide.pdfPreview the document , Writing an Abstract.pdfPreview the document
Note: Authors Note section is not required for this class.
Recent changes in the newest 7th ed. APA manual, and other formatting resources: (Links to an external site.)
APA quick guide: APA 7th – Quick Guide.pdfPreview the document . Description: If you have no prior experience with APA style (7th ed.), this tutorial will walk you through the basics. Also review: (Links to an external site.) , (Links to an external site.) , (Links to an external site.) , and APA 7th – Sample Annotated Professional Paper.pdfPreview the document .
Assignment Instructions
Submit your literature review by the due date or sooner in PDF format. Please send along any questions you may have. Also, please feel free to share in the Questions thread any additional resources that you find helpful while completing your paper, so that others may also benefit. 

Write a review that: a) Synthesizes the findings and relevance of at least 6 scientific research journals. You may include additional non-empirical sources, but you must review a minimum of 6 empirical (research) articles. (3 points), b) Explain how these findings relate or pertain to your research question. (4 points)
Write your paper in APA format, including: a) a cover page (1 point), b) an abstract (1 point), c) a reference section (1 point)

Topic: A Link between Mental Health and Child Obesity

Literature Review
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